Dr. Martin treats each patient with compassion and dignity.  He is committed to help diagnose the root of your pain and tailor a plan to meet your needs and goals.   

Our services include: Manual therapies of spinal adjustments.  We also offer cervical traction, mobilization techniques, therapeutic exercise, extremity adjustment, electromuscular stimulation, interferential stimulation, trigger point therapy, nutritional counseling, electronic massage, moist heat therapy, cold and hot therapy, etc.

Techniques Used:

Dr. Martin incorporates two Chiropractic Techniques known as Gonstead and Diversified. 

Gonstead practitioners’ meticulously analyze the spine.  They find and adjust only the bones causing the problems and leave the rest alone.  

Diversified techniques is characterized by a high velocity, low-amplitude thrust.  It is considered the most generic chiropractic manipulative technique and is differentiated from other techniques in that its objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine and joint dysfunction.  

What to Expect:

Initially, Dr. Martin performs a careful examination and diagnosis.  The first stage of treatment consists of pain and symptom control.   Chiropractic adjustments are given to correct structural misalignments on the area of injury.  In some cases, medical pain management may be suggested for pain/symptom control.  

The second stage of treatment combines both chiropractic and functional rehabilitation to reeducate the affected neuromuscular structures in order to increase the patient’s functionality and get him/her closer to the pre-injury status.  

For issues outside our scope of practice, we refer you to a specialist who can help.  Dr. Martin works alongside your physician as a team to provide the best and most complete health care.  We provide a no charge consultation.  Most insurance plans are accepted; however, medicare is not accepted.  

Keep in mind that pain is the universal system for indicating something is wrong.  If you are suffering, call the office today!

What we offer you