Patient Testimonials:

Allen H.

My name is Alan H. and I am 56 years old.  I have been using chiropractic care since the late 1980's when I injured my back working construction.  I have been to many chiropractors over the years,  some good and some not so good.

I keep myself fairly fit and for the last few years I have been riding single track trails on my mountain bike.  Riding trails is a full body workout and my back does pay the price.  I also have a labor intensive job.

I was looking for a new chiropractor and I saw Dr. Martin's sign and called for an appointment.  I was hoping to just get an adjustment and feel better.  Well I received an excellent adjustment but Dr. Martin was unlike any chiropractor I had been to before.  I could tell instantly from the questions he asked me about what I do and how am I staying fit and listening to me and he started sharing information.  Dr. Martin showed me some stretching exercises, not on paper but did them, and asked about my training and my goals. He is a martial artist and I could tell he knew what he was talking about.  He showed me various exercises to do and e-mailed videos and educational articles about training.  I also do weight lifting but always use light weight to try not to injure my back.  Well Dr. Martin helped me get in better shape through some adjustments and a lot of education.  I started lifting heavier weights and for the first time in years I am able to work out my back.

I regularly stretch now and I am having great rides and workouts and Dr. Martin stays personally involved and cares about passing along his knowledge.  He does not rush your time in his office and always asks what my goals are and sends me info to help.  He even took me to the gym for a workout.

I don't know any other chiropractor that wants to share knowledge and cares so much about his patients.

Bea W.

Was In Auto Accident Drivers side T Bone. Was in Passenger Seat but I took the Brunt Force of the hit. Had Severe Whip Lash, Soft Tissue injury to Left Knee and Lower Back Injury. Was Hard to Walk, sit, Lay. I Called Dr. Bill Up after seeing his Sign for Chiropractor Walk In Welcomes.  He asked if I could be there in 10 min., said yes. Got to Office, had a full Adjustment done.  Put in Massage Chair for 15 min. and then had a Complete Tens done.  I could Walk a lot better than when I Came in Door.  Dr. Bill worked on me for 3 months until I was back to normal with no pain.  The Most Positive thing Dr. Bill did for me was Teach me how to Properly Exercise and What to Eat and not eat. I lost 25 lbs. during this 3 months of Therapy.  Dr. was a Life Saver for my Body in a whole not just Parts of it.  Anyone Needing Good Chiropractic Care or Weight Loss Advice, Go  See Dr. Bill

James H.

Always leave your office with great relief from my back pain. Which after multiple high speed motorcycle wrecks is priceless